losing all of this work feels worse than having my heart broken.

i can’t believe i broke my usb key.

all i want to do is go to the registrar’s office on tuesday and either take the semester off or just deffer my degree. i have no desire to make more art right now. and i know it’s my own stupidity but i feel like i lost part of myself. i’m not saying its brilliant work, but its my work. and all my art is an extension of me and who i am.

i feel like art and me are going through an awful divorce.

thank god i’m not home…i feel like i would have gone through a black out rage period and thrown out all my stuff.

i don’t care if i’m being over dramatic. this hurts more than anything right now.

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Anonymous: youve probably heard this many times but dont think just do. listen to music and just let it happen :)

i have heard this several times before, but i think i needed a reminder. :) thanks <3

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sin of pride
punishment in hell: back broken on a wheel
animal associated with this sin: horse
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this is when i start to question everything.

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been in a creative stump, but i promise this week there’s more art coming friends <3

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i won a washington trip based on this piece in 2009. the theme was: &#8220;silence encourages the prosecutor never the prosecuted.&#8221; -elie weisel
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"oh jesus christ oh jesus steak"
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give me a sentence, song lyrics, an object, something out of your head, what you’re feeling, anything.

and it’ll be for you :)

what should i draw?

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just close your eyes and look at me.
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female figure study
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5ft x 6ft cardboard lunch box with working locks!
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cement fondue sculpture of a woman
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bronze sculpture of arm being put back together with puzzle pieces
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so this isn&#8217;t technically my art&#8230;but it&#8217;s art on my body! i love the lion king. &#8230; a lot.
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